Zap the worms out of your body !

The worm zapper from Russia ! 
The sputnik is a Russian medical device, an electronic capsule which switches itself on inside you and gives you a kind of super acupuncture treatment as it travels through your digestive system.
We are making no medical claims or promises for this device, merely reporting  our own experiences and the research surrounding this device in Russia over the past 13 years.
While already registered in 1O countries as an official medical device, the
Sputnik has so far not been registered in the USA or in the EU. Plans are afoot  to do so. It is not for sale in Ireland.
So it can only be ordered by individuals for their own use in those countries.
The capsule is part of a whole programe of natural drugless treatment developed in Russia. It wasn’t purposely developed as an anti-parasite device, but as a device for getting the bowel moving again after abdominal operations. It proved very successful in paralytic ileus, according to the published research.
The anti-parasite effect only became known as a side-effect reported by people using the capsule for digestive problems.
Order a Sputnik.€50
The Sputnik is a simple metal pill that generates low voltage electromagnetic
emissions as it travels the length of your gastro-intestinal tract, giving your internal organs a good stimulating jolt as it does so, and coincidentally
electrocuting and expelling parasites from your body.
The device is not in fact that new. It’s been part of Russian medical research now for about 15 years. And it’s officially registered in Russia and 10 or 12
other countries as a medical device.
While the worm expulsion factor has gained the most attention in the West,
serious research in Russia claims a long list of other good health results.
This kind of non-drug approach to restoring health has been a hallmark of the Russian approach. But unless you are very naive, don’t expect this kind of natural medicine to overcome the supremacy of Big Pharma in this side of the world.
This is true of all natural approaches, especially electronic medicine – which will, in time, compete against powerful pharmaceutical interests as people
become increasingly immune to the current drugs.
What does it do when you swallow it ?
Many people who have used the Sputnik have noticed the appearance of small orange stones and other unidentified debris appearing in the stool.
Doctors who have seen these stones have identified them as most likely stones expelled from the liver, gallbladder and even the pancreas.
But most dramatically of all, people who didn’t realise they had a parasite
problem, have found dead worms and pieces of worms in their motions.
The Procedure
Swallow the capsule with some water.
Don’t be afraid of the occasional tingling or cramps you will experience.
Don’t drive if you are experiencing strong reactions.
The metal capsule , which is 11 by 22.5 mm, usually takes 24 to 36 hours to pass through.
Not everyone will see remnants of the parasites in their stools. It depends on what varieties you have.
Proven Benefits…
The capsule is officially used in Russia for the following indications:
  1. To generally improve digestion and absorption
   2.To improve metabolism, including fat metabolism (cholesterol)
   3.To enhance the peristalsis and the regional blood circulation 
   4.To get the intestines working again after abdominal operations..
    5.Chronic constipation
    6.Improve the state of health in diabetes
We advise our Sputnik patients to examine their stools, by passing them in a fine sieve and hosing them into the toilet.
Use disposable gloves and a mask over your mouth and be careful to thorough sterilise the area afterwards.
If you see definite evidence, place the remnants on some clean paper and take a picture. You may like to consult your own doctor about your experience.
You can take a digital picture and e mail it to us in jpeg or gif form.
We would love to hear about your experiences, by email, to
Russian research published  by the manufacturers has
claimed that the Sputnik  improves the following functions:
 Blood sugar 1.4 times
 Sugar in the Urine 4.9 times
 Ig A 1.2 times
 Testosterone 2.4 times
 Oestrogens 7 times
 Cholesterol 1.9 times
 Tri-glycerides  up to 2 times better
 Intensity of allergic inflammations
Tonus of sympathetic nervous system
 Anti-neoplastic (anticancer) activity of phagocytes
 JHyperacidity 1.6 times
 Contractile ability of gallbladder 1.2 times
 Lipo-proteins of low density content 1.6 times
Mental emotional stability.
Lipo-proteins of high density content 2.5 times
Cure constipation in 93.9% cases
Work capacity 1,5 times
We are making no medical claims for the Sputnik, only reporting to you what has
been published by the manufacturers and researchers.
1. Re-usable? – Since the Sputnik unit (and similar devices sold in Russia) will
operate continually in the 2.2 to 4.4 volt range for as long as 110 hours (not
guaranteed, it can vary ), there are reports that people are simply wishing the
units with hydrogen peroxide after expelling them and then reusing (i.e.
re-swallowing) them.
Because of the hygienic implications, we cannot possibly condone such a thing,
and, in fact, the manufacturer does not encourage this practice.
2. What Can I Expect? – This is the question most people have been asking prior
to trying the unit.
In chronological order: you first swallow the ‘zapper’ with a glass of water or
juice, much as you would any capsule.
The unit is about the length of a normal ‘double-o’ capsule, but it is decidedly
thicker (dimensions: 11 mm x 22 mm, weighing up to 5.5 g.).
As it travels through the body, you will have ‘feel’ the vibrations inside you,
but not all the time.
Everyone has a different experience, based, in part, on where there is “atony.”
What is Atony:
This concept — atony — is something you hear repeatedly in Russian medicine,
but it is almost completely ignored in the West. Briefly stated, Russians
believe that the internal muscles of the body, even those lining the GI tract,
must be exercised and toned for the body to function optimally. We accept in the
West the need to exercise and tone the muscles of our extremities and torso –
our empire of gyms and workout centers is a testament to this. We accept as
obvious that the muscles that govern external mobility functions must be
exercised and maintained, but somehow this line of thinking has been lost when
it comes to internal muscles and organs of the body: but not to Russians. The
concept of ‘atony’ is woven into the fabric of Russian thinking on optimal
health care.
This having been said, you will ‘feel’ energetic charges in areas of ‘atony’ or
 The Sputnik Experience:
One recipient went on for two hours where his right leg just kept pulsing and
There are as many different reports of body sensations as there are people who
use the device.
It should be reported that none of these sensations has been reported as
painful. There was a general sense among users that ‘something good is
If you are a person with a healthy colon  then the unit will come out in roughly
18 hours – the approximate transit time for foodstuffs travelling through the GI
tract. Some people have reported longer transit times – some as long as 3 days.
But up to eight days have been reported.
In those individuals, larger than normal bowel movements have been reported.
Some users report signs of parasites in their stool, others stones (quite
common), and reports of larger than normal bowel movements are equally common.
Reports of feeling ‘energized’ and more aware subjectively are also common.
3. Can it get stuck?
You mustn’t swallow the device at all if there is any question of your
gastro-intestinal tract not being intact. So if you have tumours or diagnosed
extreme narrowing of the bowel, do not use it.
Although transit times will vary from person to person – (as stated above,
people with healthy colons will see a faster transit time, generally) – the unit
always comes out – sooner or later.
Always. If you do not see the unit come out in your stool, then you missed it.
And that’s perfectly okay …. far be it from us to recommend that our customers
go hunting through their spool to spot the latest zapper expulsion.
If you have an undiagnosed narrowing of the intestine, and the device gets
stuck, that is something neither you nor us could foresee. If you are in any
doubt, for any reason, don’t take it.  We know of one such case, where a woman
had a bowel narrowing, undiagnosed. The doctors told her the Sputnik saved her
life by showing it up.
4. How often do you repeat?
We recommending taking the Sputnik unit at least three times, back to back. This
does not mean having more than one unit in your body at the same time. It means
taking a new unit as soon as the current unit is expelled.  Have a look at the
questionnaire re parasites also. It will give you some educated feedback on your
exposure risks.
After that, we recommend repeating the cycle at least once every six months.
To U.S. Users: This device not not been  ‘approved’ by the U.S. Food & Drug
Administration. Therefore, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat,
cure, or prevent any disease; nor should it be viewed as a substitute for the
timely examination and diagnosis of any specific ailment by a qualified,
licensed health care professional.
To recap concepts presented on the Sputnik page, Russian medical experts believe
that the GI tract and its related organs are greatly aided by regular
stimulation. We are well acquainted with this concept in the West, though not
specifically as it relates to internal digestive functions.
 For instance, it is accepted, out-of-hand and without controversy, that regular
exercise (of the body’s muscles) is essential to good health — by reason not
only of beneficial cardiovascular effects but because the muscles themselves
need regular stimulation.
 In fact, we accept a complete absence of exercise as a de facto cause of
“muscle atrophy.”
 The Russians have taken an insightful extension of these basic concepts and
applied them to the creation of the devices presented herein.
The clinical results are consistent, broad in their effects – both locally and
systemically, quantitatively impressive, and without comparison to any
therapeutic approach in the West that might achieve similar results — at any
Treatment Recommendations:
The more experienced clinicians we have worked with advice taking a series of
three units back-to-back — (that is to say, take the second unit upon the
expelling of the first; the third, upon the expelling of the second).
Again, you simply remove the unit (what appears to be a small, metal electronic
“pill”) from its plastic casing, place in the mouth until you begin to feel the
pulse (the unit is turned on by the water and electrolytes in your saliva), then
Transit times will vary from person to person, but average about 18 to 24 hours.

First designed and manufactured in the early 1980’s by physicians of the Medical
Institute and engineers of the State Research and Manufacturing Enterprise it
presently has gained special popularity as a device for electronic stimulation
of most important organs of human body.
Originally it was a unique and pioneering invention, with no competitive devices
worldwide, and it has eventually become one of the items symbolizing Russian
scientific triumph.
SPUTNIK was awarded diplomas of: regional exhibition “Medicine and Ecology –
’95” (Kharjkov, Ukraine), “Siberian Fair” at “Transsibexpo – ’95 International
Fair” (Novosibirsk, Russia), “Siberian Fair” at “Medsib – ’95 International
Fair” (Novosibirsk, Russia), and nationwide competitive programs, such as
“Russia’s 100 Best Goods” (Moscow, Russia).
Production of the device is certified by the Ministry of Public Health of the
Russian Federation, #42/97-217-423 of September 15, 1997 issued in the name of
Federal State Unitary Enterprise, “NIIPP,” Certificate of Compliance (#POCC
RU.ME41.B 03082); the device has an approval of the Ministry of Public Health of
the Russian Federation (registration certificate #85/58-1), for hospital,
clinical, and individual use and application.
SPUTNIK is a self-powered device which, being introduced into the human body,
provides electronic stimulation of internal organs. Its activity period lasts
during the entire transit time within the body, while its effect is much longer
(up to several months). SPUTNIK has been clinically tested by many hospitals in
The device’s application allows for non-trauma detoxification of internal organs
without any medication. It also improves gastrointestinal function, stimulates
organs adjacent to the intestinal tract (pancreas and prostate duct systems,
gallbladder, liver and kidneys), and also the uterus and vagina, activating
their bioelectrical, motor, and secretory functions.
Read the Contra-Indications carefully:
Counter-indications are: Gastrointestinal bleeding, mechanical intestinal
obstruction, cicatricial stenosis of esophagus, stomach, or intestine. In the
case of individual application, SPUTNIK should not be used during pregnancy,
constipation, or in individuals who have a pacemaker or other bio-electronic
device implanted in the body.
Test Results:
As their clinical test results show, application of gastro-intestinal
stimulators providing endogenous electrophoresis of chrome ions by diabetes
patients result in:
increase in endogenous insulin secretion; decrease of blood cholesterol level by
not less than 30%; decrease of low-density lipo-proteins; decrease of
glycosurized hemoglobin; improvement of carbohydrate exchange compensation
condition; and in the case of zinc ions, emission; increase of endogenous
insulin’ secretion; increase of blood serum’s testosterone level; improvement of
oestrogenic stimulation.
Basic Model — This unit provides for isolated sequential electric stimulation
of the stomach, duodenum, pancreatic duct system, as well as extra-liver tracts,
small and large intestine, rectum, in order to activate their bioelectric, motor
and secretory functions.
 Its application allows for non-traumatic and natural cleansing of the slag and
diffuse thickenings of the gastrointestinal tract by activating its degraded
areas, restoring its motor-evacuation activity, and eventually contributes to
increased the patient’s vital tonus (tone) and improving his/her psychological
condition as well as sexual potency.
To U.S. Users: This device has not been ‘approved’ by the U.S. Food & Drug
Administration, and the information you see here is for provided in your country
for research purposes only. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat,
cure, or prevent any disease; nor should it be viewed as a substitute for the
timely examination and diagnosis of any specific ailment by a qualified,
licensed health care professional.
Order a Sputnik.€50


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